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Mountain Lakes District is a four season recreational community within the Town of Haverhill in New Hampshire. 64% of our homeowners are part time and 36% are full time.

The purpose of this web site is to keep all of our full-time and part-time home and land owners up to date with the activities of the District and the MLD Water Department.

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                To the inhabitants of the Mountain Lakes District, New Hampshire, who are qualified to vote in District affairs:

                You are hereby notified that a Special District Meeting of the Mountain Lakes District, New Hampshire will be held on July 28, 2015 at The District Lodge at 6:00 P.M. to act on the following subject:

                ARTICLE ONE: “To see if the District will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of two hundred twenty five thousand dollars ($225,000) to be used to fund the construction, repair, and engineering costs associated with the so-call “Mountain Lakes Lower Dam Spillway Project”; to authorize the funding of said appropriation through the issuance of not more than two hundred twenty five thousand dollars ($225,000) of bonds or notes in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Finance Act (RSA 33); to authorize the municipal officials to issue and negotiate such bonds or notes and to determine the rate of interest thereon; and also to authorize the District’s Commissioners to take all actions as are necessary and proper to accomplish this purpose. The Commissioners recommend this appropriation. A ballot vote of 2/3 of all those present and voting is required for passage.”

    [This Special District Meeting will have the same authority as that of an Annual District Meeting, as authorized by decree of the Grafton County Superior Court dated June 26, 2015.]

    Given under our hand this 9th day of July, 2015.

                Mountain Lakes District Board of Commissioners


  • Click here to view the Mountain Lakes 2014 Annual Report.  For minutes from the 2015 Annual Meeting, see the Board of Comissioners page.

  • MOUNTAIN LAKES LOWER DAM SPILLWAY PROJECT: Click here for an information sheet about the Lower Lake Project planned for later this summer (2015).   Click here for a chart showing the expected timeline for the lake drawdown, construction, and refilling.

  • During the LOWER DAM SPILLWAY PROJECT in 2015, it would be a great time to take advantage of the draw down and do some cleaning or repairing of your shoreline.  Click here for a helpful information sheet about getting a NH Dept. of Environmental Services permit for the things you'd like to do.